Empowering Lectures and Interactive Workshops

Dr. Shad is a compelling and dynamic speaker who has presented interactive seminars and lectures in a number of different settings internationally including academic and professional conferences, corporate organizations, and community gatherings.  Some popular topics include Food as Medicine, Preventing Heart Disease, Treating Diabetes with Food, Maintaining Healthy Weight, Optimizing Health through Exercise, and Healthy Minds for Healthy Bodies.

Individual Consultations

Dr. Shad is licensed to practice medicine and telemedicine in both Arizona and California. He is available on a limited basis for individual consultations on Integrative Medicine, Nutrition, Health, and evidence based supplements to prevent disease and maintain optimal health.  He has special expertise in  Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease including High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Overweight and Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome.

Ask Dr. Shad

For more information on booking a talk, scheduling a consultation, media appearances or if you have a health related question, please contact DrShad@doctorshad.com

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