Dr. Shad’s Availability

Empowering Lectures and Interactive Workshops

Dr. Shad is a compelling and dynamic speaker who routinely lectures at the Stanford School of Medicine.  He has also presented interactive seminars and lectures in a number of different settings internationally including academic conferences, corporate organizations, and public settings.  Some popular topic areas include Food as Medicine, Preventing Heart Disease, Treating Diabetes with Food, Maintaining Healthy Weight, Optimizing Health through Exercise, and Healthy Minds for Healthy Bodies.

Optimizing Corporate Wellness

In addition to being available for interactive lecture sessions, Dr. Shad is also available for corporate wellness consultations to optimize workforce health and productivity.  Corporate consultations are unique and highly tailored to each client based on a comprehensive needs assessment to create programs that are in alignment with the goals and mission of the organization.

Contact Information

For more information on booking a talk or scheduling a consultation with Dr. Shad, please call 650-937-9894 or simply send inquiries via e-mail to DrShad@doctorshad.com