Boost Your Immunity and Optimize Your Health

COVID-19 is real and some of us who have high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, or other chronic diseases are at a much higher risk of getting sick.

You can lower your risk by optimizing your care and prevention of these chronic conditions with a personalized health plan by a medical doctor who is committed to your success. 


Dr. Shad Shares His Expertise On The COVID-19 Pandemic

Meet Dr. Shad

Dr. Shad's mission is to empower his patients with the tools that they need to optimize their health and achieve their goals in all aspects of life. 


Dr. Shad is a Stanford trained physician, medical educator, clinical researcher, public speaker, and author with recognized expertise in Public Health, Prevention, Wellness, Integrative Medicine, Diabetes, Cardiometabolic Diseases, and the use of Evidence-Based Supplements to optimize health and longevity. His work has been featured on local and national media where he has been quoted or interviewed for his medical expertise.

Dr. Shad's Philosophy of Medicine is holistic and about all of you, not just your medical history or medication list.  He believes that each person ought to be treated like a whole person with complex needs in all areas of life including mind, body and spirit. 

Shad and Weil.JPG

Dr. Shad with his mentor Dr. Andrew Weil

"Dr. Shad moved beyond simply prescribing medication and sending me on my way; his goal was to ensure that I achieved a balanced state of well-being in all aspects of my life. His innovative approach was that of a health coach, helping me to cultivate habits that could foster a life-time of good health. It’s no wonder that my health today is better than it ever has been!"

-Matt S



Everyone's path towards health and wellness is different.

That's why Dr. Shad has a variety of ways to help his patients depending on their medical needs and health goals.  

Get to the root causes of your Diabetes as you work with Dr. Shad to optimize your lifestyle and use food as medicine to lower your A1C

Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Type 2

Strengthen your immunity against viral infections, heart attacks and strokes and all forms of premature aging with an in-depth analysis of your risk factors and a personalized longevity health plan

Build Your Immunity and Optimize Your Health

Join a limited number of patients for this highest level of care to gain 24/7 access and personalized health coaching to from Dr. Shad all year long


Integrative Primary Care



Herbal Medicine
Food containing too much sugar. Sugar in

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