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Dr. shad Marvasti, MD, MPH

Dr. Shad is a Stanford trained physician, medical educator, clinical researcher, public speaker, and author with recognized expertise in Public Health, Prevention, Wellness, Integrative Medicine, the use of Food as Medicine, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and the use of Evidence-Based Supplements to optimize health and longevity. His work has been featured on local and national media where he has been quoted or interviewed for his expertise.

Dr. Shad’s Philosophy of Medicine is holistic and about all of you, not just your medical history or medication list. He believes that each person ought to be treated like a whole person with complex needs in all areas of life including mind, body and spirit.

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Watch Dr. Shad Speak about Longevity and Health at the Blue Zones Kickoff Event in Scottsdale

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With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, Dr. Shad is passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve their health and wellness goals. From workshops to keynote speeches, Dr. Shad delivers powerful insights and actionable strategies that inspire and motivate audiences.

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Dr. Shad shares his expertise on health and wellness, dispelling common health myths. Dr. Shad is a recognized expert on public health, chronic disease, lifestyle medicine, diabetes, boosting immunity, food as medicine, prevention and integrative medicine. 


Founded by Dr. Shad, The Culinary Medicine Program aspires to use food as medicine, blending the art of cooking with the science of medicine to enhance nutrition in medical education — and to educate through service learning with an understanding of food systems and food policies as social determinants of health.

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Tips for Optimal Aging

In honor of September’s designation as Health Aging Month, Dr. Shad offers some tips for optimal aging and longevity. Here, he discusses food as medicine, blue zones and epigenetics as keys for a long, healthy life.

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