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Dr. Shad's mission is to empower individuals and communities with the tools that they need to optimize their health and achieve their goals in all aspects of life.

Dr. shad Marvasti

Integrative Medicine doctor

Dr. Shad is a Stanford trained physician, medical educator, clinical researcher, public speaker, and author with recognized expertise in Public Health, Prevention, Wellness, Integrative Medicine, the use of Food as Medicine, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and the use of Evidence-Based Supplements to optimize health and longevity. His work has been featured on local and national media where he has been quoted or interviewed for his expertise.

Dr. Shad’s Philosophy of Medicine is holistic and about all of you, not just your medical history or medication list. He believes that each person ought to be treated like a whole person with complex needs in all areas of life including mind, body and spirit.

Dr. Shad with his mentor Dr. Andrew Weil

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Dr. Shad shares his expertise on health and wellness, dispelling common health myths. Dr. Shad is a recognized expert on public health, chronic disease, lifestyle medicine, diabetes, boosting immunity, food as medicine, prevention and integrative medicine. 

Recent Articles

The latest on public and personal health, wellness and prevention

Tips for Optimal Aging

In honor of September’s designation as Health Aging Month, Dr. Shad offers some tips for optimal aging and longevity. Here, he discusses food as medicine, blue zones and epigenetics as keys for a long, healthy life. Food is the fuel for the

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How to lower blood pressure

How to Lower Blood Pressure

Lowering blood pressure is actually easier than you might think, and the solution doesn’t always require medication. 90% of blood pressure is what we call idiopathic. In other words, there isn’t a primary cause, but it is something that is directly related

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Fail Well to Live Well and Be Well

Have you ever failed? Can you remember how many times you have failed? We have all failed, not just once but many times. And the truth is, we will likely fail again in the future. Far from being a reason to be

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