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Health Coaching & Integrative Medicine Consultations

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How often have you felt frustrated in trying to get your questions answered? With an average of 7 minutes per patient, most doctors don't have the time to get to the root cause of disease let alone help you to achieve optimal health.  

Would you like to learn more about how to heal yourself naturally through food and evidence based supplements? Why does every complaint result in another medication? 60 percent of Americans are on at least 1 prescription drug, sometimes these are necessary but there are dangers to too many medications and there are alternatives in our diet and lifestyle. 


Learn more about Dr. Shad's Philosophy of Medicine.

Dr. Shad is pleased to offer Integrative Medicine health coaching consultations where he shares his expertise as a researcher, physician medical educator and fellowship training in Integrative Medicine with you. 


Dr. Shad makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative, to promote health and prevent illness while partnering with his clients in the healing process.  Such consultations are not of a primary care nature and all clients are encouraged to maintain a relationship with a primary care physician or health care provider. Don't have a primary care physician? Try One Medical, an innovative approach to primary care. 

Dr. Shad will partner with you to help you achieve your health goals. Dr. Shad has special expertise to empower you to achieve optimal health in the following ways:

  • Prevent and Reverse Diabetes Type II

  • Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by optimizing Blood Pressure, Blood Cholesterol, and Reduced Inflammation

  • Stay Healthy and Prevent disease by using Food as Medicine

  • Optimize use of Physical Activity, Meditation and Positive Thinking to Achieve any goal in life from physical health to balanced relationships and professional accomplishments


Dr. Shad is available for international consultations via secure video conferencing using ZOOM.  In the U.S., Dr. Shad is available for video consultations for anyone who is physically located in Arizona and California at the time of the visit.  Video and International rates vary, please schedule a free 15 minute consultation to learn more.  



Dr. Shad is available to see you in the office in Scottsdale, Arizona year round and also has selected dates for in office consultations in Palo Alto, CA.  

Consultation Rates

Initial Consultation

A complete assessment during a 1:1 session including a comprehensive intake form to learn about all aspects of your life followed by a Personal Whole Health plan with written recommendations tailored for you.  Investment: $550.00 


Ongoing Coaching & Health Optimization Follow Up Sessions

To optimize your success, Dr. Shad will continue to work with you to achieve your health goals.  Packages are available to make sure you get all the support you need including

  • Evidence based supplement prescriptions delivered directly to you

  • Email

  • Video visits

  • Phone consultations

  • Key educational materials to empower you to achieve optimal health in all aspects of life. 

Follow Up Sessions Investment: $225.00 per session

Package Investment: $3000.00 (includes initial consultation)

Shop with Dr. Shad

We all struggle to make healthy food choices when we are grocery shopping.  Imagine having a physician who is an expert on food as medicine shopping with you, guiding you on healthy choices specific to your medical condition, helping you figure out if a supplement is right for you or how to read those complicated food labels to avoid toxic chemicals in your diet.  Dr. Shad can shop with you virtually or in person and also make a home visit to help you with Pantry Makeover to help you revitalize your life with healthy foods that heal.

Investment: $250.00


Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to learn if working with Dr. Shad is right for you. 

*Please note that Dr. Shad does not accept insurance for his services and is unable to see individuals who have Medicare or Medicaid at this time.